It wasn't likely, not many people thought this was the year but the New York Mets...the team I live and die by...are back in the world series for the first time since the subway series in 2000. now me being the baseball music collector I am, thought I would post some of the songs about the Mets from over the years that I have collected or know about. i'll add one each day until the Mets win the series!

the mets have inspired many songs, been mentioned in others and their players have rapped, sung and been a part of many tunes. hey it's new york...the capital of music! So grab that Mister Met bobblehead and watch it dance to these tunes and as always...
today to lead us off...something I found on you tube...a 70's disco version of the Hymn of Mets fans far and wide, 'Lets Go Mets!'. I like it in the way I liked Frankie Avalon discoing up "Venus" or Ethel Merman adding the beat to 'Theres no Business Like Show Business", Kinky but...cool.
october 25
there will never be anything like 1969 for first generation Mets fans. not just winning the world series but that whole run from august to october. I remember thinking what the heck could ever be better than watching man walk on the moon...seems like the Mets had an answer just a month away! after winning the world series the Mets went in to a recording studio and cranked out an album. this version of "Heart" from Damn Yankees got them on the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theatre while Ed was still on it!

october 26
it would be hard for me to imagine any first generation Mets fan that can not hum the tune to this song. It was live tv at it's best and it was after every Mets home game from the little studio outside the Mets clubhouse. Ralph Kiner brought his inimitable style and may I say his unique use of the english language to Kiners Korner along with an incredible amount of baseball knowledge. The first time I ever sat down to do a Mariners post game show at KIRO, I dedicated it to Ralph. Here is the original theme from Kiners Korner 'Flag of Victory Polka' which was changed when they found out it also appeared as a marching song in the movie 'Confessions of a Nazi Spy' (or so the story goes)...
october 27
in what could be the worst baseball song ever produced, the early 1986 Mets decided that they were quite gifted musically. one of many bad decisions off the field that season. the result...'Get Metsmerized' led off by George Foster who was released from the club before the record was released. maybe the highlight of this record is current third base coach Tim Teufel taking his turn at the microphone despite not one iota of musical talent...